Nicola Yousif

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Attorney Nick Yousif is the founder of Shield Law. He has represented clients with debt and credit issues with extensive work in the Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection arena for over 12 years.

Attorney Nick Yousif was born and raised in Massachusetts. He focuses much of his practice on bankruptcy, real estate, family law, civil litigations and protecting consumers from illegal practices by lending institutions, debt collectors, and credit reporting agencies.

As a world class firm, Shield Law has experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines. We have litigated successful outcomes in Bankruptcy and illegal credit practices and our lawyers regularly deal with Foreclosures, loan modifications and short sales. Our Personal injury lawyers produce successful client outcomes with cases often involving dog bites and car and motorcycle Accidents.

At Shield Law we shield your rights, and WIN your fights!

Attorney Nick Yousif

Shield Law offers 24/7 consultations for your case. Our lawyers’ empathy, legal knowledge and personal attention will give you the support you need to navigate your case. Help us to empower you in making tough legal decisions to get your successful outcome.