Medical Malpractice

We have extensive experience helping victims of medical malpractice


Never take no for answer!  Insurance companies are not in the business of paying you.  They will look for any reason to deny coverage.  Our firm and our partners have recovered millions of dollars for our clients ranging from claims from home insurance damage, slip and fall, workplace injuries and malpractice claims.


Rapid changes in healthcare reform have left many practicing physicians to make fundamental changes in their respective practices. While many medical practices have sought to expand into new revenue streams, there are many legal hurdles, in particular with medical practices profiting from adding lucrative clinical services.

Expertise and familiarity with federal laws such as Stark Law and Anti-kickback Statute and relevant state laws are a necessity to avoid jeopardizing growing medical practices.  Consequences of breaking such laws may result in the loss of medical licenses, civil monetary penalties and criminal penalties. Shield Law specializes in assisting medical groups and physicians better understand how to operate new revenue streams while remaining in full compliance of the law.

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